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If you didn’t happen to catch last night’s Daily Show, it’s a great recap of the absurdity surrounding Washington’s decision to pull all its funding from UNESCO as a punishment for extending membership to Palestine.

The Daily Show’s John Oliver does a great job of showing how Congress’s attempt to “make a statement” is directly harming millions who depend on UNESCO development and education projects, while endangering U.S. strategic interests in the process.

For months, we’ve been calling for our elected officials to repeal the anachronistic law that forces the U.S. to withdraw funds from any entity that recognizes Palestine, pointing out that our current course of action will impoverish millions, threaten our national security, increase global enmity, and shake our viability as a meaningful broker for peace. We’ve pointed out that we literally have nothing to gain from this intransigence, and a great deal to lose.

“It’s not that we’re not aware of the terrible consequences of our actions,” Oliver muses, “We’d love to help. It’s just, we can’t. Even though we can. But the law says we shouldn’t. We’d love to change that law, but we can’t. Except, we can. It’s just that we don’t want to. Except, we do, it’s just that we’re not going to.”

Congress is now trying to block the State Department’s request for a waiver which would have allowed it to continue funding UNESCO, demonstrating yet again that when it comes to Palestine, Washington all too often seems incapable of thinking responsibly, strategically, or morally.

Watch the video here.

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