When Trump announced he would rescind Obama’s DACA executive order in 6 months, The #Resistance was activated, and protests hit the streets of New York City,Washington, DCDenverLos AngelesAustinChicago, and other cities across the country. Immediately, Americans showed support for DREAMers, 91% of whom are employed, and many have no memory or connection to their country of birth. Indeed, a full 58% of voters feel DREAMers should remain in the US and be given a path to citizenship. With those numbers, surely this is a no-brainer for Congress, who will act immediately. Oh, nothing has happened? Oh Congress! We can always count on you to let the political moment for quick action pass, while the lives of families hang in the balance. Rep. Coffman (R-CO.) even stated, “With all the other things going on right now, it’s kind of put on the back burner.” In a fleeting moment of hope on Wednesday night, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer announced an agreement with the President on the matter, but Don’s early morning tweets smothered that hope like a wet blanket, denying any progress. The legislative lethargy and political games over DACA have inspired a countdown within Countdown, today marking 9 days since the September 5th announcement and 174 days to March 5, 2018 deadline for Congressional action on DACA. And while you wait, take a moment to partake in AAI’s Action Alert on DACA calling for passage of a clean DREAM Act now.