How important is DACA? Saving DREAMers from deportation is so important that the Democratic leadership won’t allow a budget to pass without it, and without a budget, the whole federal government shuts down. But Trump, who has regularly stated his support for DREAMers and the need to find a solution with “love” to their plight, appears so opposed now to passing DACA that he won’t pass a budget with it. So here we are again, with another game of chicken: who will cave? And if no one does, who will be blamed for government shutdown? Some Republicans think they can side-step the issue by passing a short-term emergency budget without Democratic support, but oddly enough, it’s not just Democrats who might oppose such a measure, but even some hard-line Republicans who are upset with the budget for wholly other reasons. Meanwhile, Trump and his chief of staff can’t figure out where the president stands on the border wall with Mexico, as John Kelly suggested to Democrats that Trump has newfound flexibility on the issue, only to be contradicted by Trump who tweeted that his views have never changed or evolved on his commitment to the border wall. Meanwhile (yes, another meanwhile), Bannon has struck a deal with Mueller to cooperate with the Russia investigation and talk directly with the prosecutor instead of testifying before a grand jury. What will Bannon tell Mueller? We’re totally good with investigation suspense, but DREAMers deserve to be taken off the hook already. We’ve seen enough heartbreaks at airports.