The "Countering Violent Extremism" push hasn't stopped pushing for the sake of the conventions, and we tried to keep up. While the highly problematic CVE programs continue to be on the government dole at increasing levels, the CVE parent program over in the United Kingdom has suffered an instructional blow that we want everyone to take note of. The well-respected Rights Watch UK published a lengthy report condemning "Prevent" program's (what they call CVE in Britain) impact on school children and their teachers. Prevent - like what we've seen the FBI try to implement in the United States - asks teachers to monitor their students’ thoughts and actions for any sign they might be terrorists-in-the-making. The report finds that Prevent's classroom programs have left students scared to express their true thoughts in the classroom, which is obviously counterproductive to the honest need to help kids who are going through common and often times celebrated "coming of age" growth points. We just want everyone to pause over the thought of teachers alerting the FBI to your kid who might have not-so-artistically drawn a picture of you gardening. Yup, that's what’s happening in the UK and that’s what these programs can lead to. The Rights Watch report on the ill effects of Prevent in the classroom needs attention here - that's where we are going if the programs aren't critically examined and stopped.