Behind all the exciting scandals and gaffes in the news, there are less exciting, but arguably more impactful, developments we shouldn’t overlook. Trump’s 2018 budget came out on Tuesday, and boy are there changes you’ll want to pay attention to! Medicare and Social Security (except for the disabled) are safe, but there is a proposed $1.7 million cut to social safety programs affecting the poor, including Medicaid. Wait, did we say million with an ‘m’? We meant $1.7 billion. Wait, did we say billion with a ‘b’? We meant $1.7 TRILLION. So now the scientists are worried about cutting research into life-saving medicines, education advocates are worried that students will lose crucial student-loan repayment options, and advocates for people with disabilities are worried that many will struggle to get benefits or find affordable housing. But enough with the worrying, we’ve got to get serious and balance the budget! By the way, you’ve heard about the $469 billion increase in defense spending for the next decade, and the billions for the border wall Mexico isn’t paying for, right? Priorities!

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