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I already know that I share the planet with many people whose values enable them to embrace torture, but I can’t help but be shocked every time one of them openly shares their views.

Last week, headlines were made when Jose Rodriguez, the retired CIA officer who oversaw the CIA’s once-secret interrogation and detention program, defended his order to destroy waterboarding tapes during the Bush administration, calling their content “some ugly visuals” that shouldn’t be publicly seen. But Rodriguez isn’t an opponent of this “ugly” practice. Indeed, he attacked the Obama administration for criticizing waterboarding and calling it torture. Yes, it’s not torture; it’s just so ugly it’s practically torturous to watch.

So what’s wrong with President Obama’s counterterrorism policy, according to Rodriguez? It relies too heavily on drone strikes that “alienate America's foreign partners and make it impossible to question people.” Yes, drones could totally alienate people, unlike torture, which makes everyone eager to work with us.

In related news, the Bush Administration lawyer who provided legal justification for torture, John Yoo, has been protected by a court decision from lawsuits for his role in legitimizing interrogation torture.

We read about the Dark ages and wonder how people could be so primitive and monstrous. The day will come, if our species survives long enough, when our future generations read today’s news and wonder the exact same thing.

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