Following years of tense negotiations between the P5+1 nations and Iran, a nuclear deal with Iran was finally agreed to on Tuesday. According to President Obama, the deal will place strict limits on Tehran’s nuclear program, and in exchange, the P5+1 nations will phase in the lifting of sanctions, providing Iran desperately sought after economic relief. As if on cue, several Republican presidential candidates and members of Congress weighed in on this historic deal. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a GOP presidential candidate, stated that the deal is “akin to declaring war on Israel and Sunni Arabs,” former Florida Governor and current presidential candidate Jeb Bush criticized the deal, calling it a product of “appeasement,” and newly announced GOP candidate, and Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker asserted that any future president “would not be bound by this diplomatic retreat.” As AAI President Jim Zogby noted, critics of the deal only propose policies that would fail to produce a constructive result. Additionally, he points out that this historic breakthrough must be utilized as a stepping-stone to resolve broader conflicts in the Middle East. Now that the deal is completed, the Obama Administration must get it through a hard road ahead in Congress. We can only hope that members of Congress demonstrate the same courage U.S. diplomats did in Vienna.