If you’ve been on vacation at any point in the last two weeks, congrats, welcome back, and, wow, you’ve missed a number of census updates. Here’s a quick recap: SCOTUS denied the citizenship question a place on the census; President Trump threw a fit about the decision; the 2020 Census forms went to print without the citizenship question; Trump threw another fit and issued statements disputing whether the status of the question was settled; lower courts held hearings to determine the discrepancy between the president’s statements and that of the DoJ attorneys on the case; the government tried to switch attorneys on the case but the change was denied by the courts; and now the president is planning a press conference TODAY, either to announce an executive order to add an addendum to the already-printed 2020 Census forms or to just give up already (Whew, we did that in one breath). This matters because, as experts have noted, the question would severely depress the count and lead to terrible outcomes on everything that depends on the census, including district apportionment and allocation of over $800 billion in federal funding. It also matters because it’s an example of the White House manipulating evidence and strong-arming the DOJ into doing its bidding so it can undermine democracy as a means of continuing its crusade against immigrants and underrepresented communities. Already, civil rights organizations have promised to challenge any executive order if issued. There are also safe-guard efforts underway in Congress to dampen the impact of the question, if added. The Census Bureau always prepares to fight interference related to the census, but they probably never imagined the meddler would be the President himself. While we collectively await the next curve-ball, this would be a great opportunity to sign up for census updates from #YallaCountMeIn!