If you turn the Capitol dome upside down you would have the likeness of what Congress has become, a crucible: an oversized, shiny ceramic cup. Peer inside and you will find a roaring-hot inferno of partisan rage. Ok, we are perhaps being dramatic but you understand the point. And the hyper-partisan environment has gotten in the way of good policy. At least on the issue of hate crime data collection and reporting, we are challenging that dynamic. Shortly before the July 4 recess, bipartisan legislation focused on hate crime reporting and data collection was introduced in both the Senate and House of Representatives. The bill is named after Khalid Jabara and Heather Heyer, two victims whose murders were prosecuted as hate crimes but not reported in official hate crime statistics. At a time of such intense division, we believe Congress can come together to support a bill that will give us better hate crime statistics and help victims and their communities. We owe it to Khalid, Heather, and hate crime victims everywhere to get this done.