Four years ago, we were overwhelmed trying to report on 17 Republican presidential candidates. But, damn it, the Democrats will not be outdone here, so they’re running… 26 candidates? Oh, two dropped out already? Oh, that’s really nice. Any chance a dozen more could drop out soon, please? There is one super interesting thing about this election though: Israel’s human rights record is part of the conversation. Last month, the New York Times asked all the Democratic candidates to reflect on Israel’s human rights performance, and the responses ranged from "not bad" to "OMG that’s so disappointing!" Elizabeth Warren was one of the candidates who gave a cliché response about negotiations and a two-state solution, but our friends at IfNotNow asked her more directly if she was going to commit to working to end Israel’s occupation, and Warren said yes. We’re encouraging everyone to challenge candidates directly on this issue. And soon enough, we’ll be getting you a full profile of all the candidates on where they stand on our issues. Stay tuned!