After what feels like an eternity, we are finally back from two weeks on the road for the Republican and Democratic National Conventions! We had a lot of programing in both cities — from comedy shows to block parties to issue forums— so be sure to check out our website for more info! Now, we’re trying to get down to business on all of our fall plans for #YallaVote (95 days until Nov. 8th!) but our heads are still spinning from all the convention-related news still unfolding, and we can't resist on weighing in. The Hillary convention was set up to be a disaster when hackers released new emails that proved DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and some of her highest aides were knowingly, purposefully, and significantly tilting the election in favor of Clinton's campaign. The Bernie Sanders delegates - who arrived in Philadelphia already feeling rightly burned by Party leaders - were further alienated and angered. We're actually quite shocked that the disruptions from Bernie delegates on the Convention floor were relatively few (that might be because of highly problematic DNC management of signs and chants in Bernie-heavy delegations), but they were indeed powerful signs of discontent within the Party, especially on TPP and Palestine. The scandal cost Wasserman Schultz her job (at least with the DNC) and continues to have repercussions for the Democratic Party. But it's pretty obvious that DNC drama is getting bailed out in the media by the unbelievable controversy surrounding the Gold Star family, Khizr and Ghazala Khan, who gave a powerful speech at the DNC. But before we get there, we have to remind everyone that the Republican Party seemed to be falling apart even before the Khan controversy. We are still trying to figure out the lasting impact of Sen. Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement speech on the Party and on his career. And we're still grappling with the number of Republican leaders who skipped out on Cleveland (seriously, the convention couldn't even bribe the entertainment or secure speakers). Before Trump's despicable comments about the Khan's, Republicans like John McCain, Jeb and George W. Bush, John Kasich, and others were not aligned with the Party's nominee. After Trump's bigoted and disrespectful comments about the Khan family, the number of RNC dissenters is growing fast. Even Mike Pence - yes, Trump's VP pick - is distancing himself from Trump and there are reports that the Trump staff is close to mutiny. So while the DNC is shedding leaders in order to make amends, the RNC is shedding serious support for the person at the top of the Party's ticket, Donald Trump.