Convened by the House Committee on Oversight & Government reform, yesterday we attended a hearing on  “the impact of the BDS movement,” and boy do we regret eating our lunch beforehand. We would never expect Congress to be a great venue for a factual conversation about BDS’s cause and intended impacts. But no amount of skepticism could have prepared us for the slanderous, nauseating proceedings that zeroed in on minority witness and AAI friend, Matt Duss, President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace. Instead of debating the merits of BDS, or the business interests related to the practice of BDS, or the decades old distinction the U.S. makes between Israel and the settlements – a distinction Congress has tried their best to erase – the majority of the time was spent on Rep. Steve Russell’s (R-OK) wild accusations and mischaracterization of the witness in an attempt to distract from a serious discussion of BDS or the conflict. It all amounts to shameful Congressional behavior and yet another successful diversion from the issue at hand – ending the Israeli occupation, not ending one of the movements to end the occupation.