As Congress prepares to go back home for a 7-day recess starting on President's Day weekend, it is clear that Congress is more than a bit nervous about what awaits them at home. There has been no shortage of testy town halls across the country where citizens have gathered to hear (and sometimes yell) at their representatives for a whole variety of reasons. After two weekends of embarrassing scenes for Republicans, it's being reported that over 200 Republican members of Congress are skipping out on their fundamental duty to engage with, listen to, and faithfully represent their constituents interests. Just like the 2009 Tea Party town halls that launched the success of the populist movement in the Republican Party, progressive Democrats are also making a bit of a lasting splash at these town halls. But while the politics might be important to some, what's important to us is that Arab Americans across the country use this Congressional recess to demand your representatives hear your voice. So many of the issues - from the Muslim Ban to healthcare to changing U.S. policy on Palestine - require Congressional leadership to push back and help shape White House policy. You can request a meeting with your representative by clicking here, or see if your representative is one of the courageous few who will hold a town hall in your district by searching this online database. And before you do, check out AAI's resources on the issues we think matter most. #YallaEngage