Your popcorn may have grown stale if you were waiting on President Trump’s tweets during the Comey hearing (he miraculously managed to restrain himself from tweeting at all), but the fired FBI director’s testimony was so scathing, it was entertaining enough on its own. In stark contrast to intelligence chiefs’ refusal to answer so many questions in the important FISA/Section 702 hearing the day before, Comey answered and answered and answered some more. He  said that Trump had told “lies, plain and simple” about the reasons he fired him in an effort to “defame” him. He also said he wrote detailed notes of his private meetings with Trump, even though he didn’t do it for his meetings with previous presidents, because “the nature” of Trump left him with the impression that he might “lie” about those meetings. Comey confirmed that he felt pressured to offer something to Trump in exchange for keeping his job, and he believes, based on Trump’s comments, that he was ultimately fired over the Russia investigation, noting that Russia’s meddling in the US election was “a big deal”. It took a day for Trump to finally tweet, returning the “lie” accusation and declaring “total and complete vindication.” Musician Mikel Jollet tweeted a photo of both Trump and Comey with the tagline: “One of these two men is lying. I wonder if it's the guy who served 3 presidents from 2 parties or the one who said Obama is from Kenya?” Media response was more predictable, and fell perfectly on partisan lines (oh Washington).