Posted by on August 11, 2010 in Blog

Arab American State Representatives Joe Rice (D-CO 38th District) and Selim Noujaim (R-CT 74th District) move on to the general election on November 2nd.

In other election news, Colorado Democratic Senator Michael Bennet won a hotly contested Democratic primary against former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff. Tea Party candidate Ken Buck beat out Lt. Governor Jane Norton for the Republican nomination.  Buck vs. Bennet promises to be an interesting race from now until November 2.  

In Connecticut, Linda MacMahon captured the Republican nomination with 49 percent of the vote.  She’ll go on battle Richard Blumenthal, the state Attorney General, for retiring Senator Chris Dodd’s seat against this November.

Good job Minnesotans!  Turns out Minnesota had the highest primary voter turnout in a decade.  Since Minnesota’s Governor Tim Pawlenty (R) has decided not to seek re-election after holding the office for seven year, the seat is up for grabs.  Tom Emmer (R) and Mark Dayton (D) won their party’s nominations and will compete for the seat in the general election.