There is no way to hide the fact that a visible majority of Washington, DC notables are planning for a Clinton presidency. And with that, we've been keeping a close eye on some of Hillary Clinton's most favorite thinkers, doers, and diplomats. We covered likely Defense Secretary Michele Flournoy and her policy shop in the past, and we've been keeping an eye on her colleague (and a likely Clinton advisor) Ilan Goldenberg for his sharp analysis of Middle East policy as well. We're also taking a good hard look at recent recommendations from the Brookings Institution regarding the next president's CVE strategy. But this week we paid particular attention to the transition recommendations that came from the Center for American Progress, a close Clinton-allied think tank. The memo covered some major ground, from immediate first term priorities to their aspirational goals for 2025. The recommendations will likely add fuel to the fire that has divided the policy community over Clinton's expected Syria policy. The heated and oftentimes ugly debate between pro-intervention and pro-restraint camps will take note of the fact that the 2nd recommendation from CAP is to "be prepared to use airpower" in Syria. That's yet another sign that Clinton's escalation plans will go forward if elected. We also took note that CAP put the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a priority for the next President -- but apparently it's not a first term action, rather a 2025 vision that the U.S. should help our partners in the Middle East achieve (?). That's a pretty damning position because there is absolutely no way the two state solution will exist in 2025 if Clinton (or Obama before he exits) doesn't intervene in Israel's self-destructive actions before then. We're hoping that isn't the recommendation that ends up on the top of the pile for Clinton to read if she takes office, and we're also hoping President Obama hasn't given up yet.