While the Republicans are trying to reign in their presumptive nominee, Democrats are trying to unleash their own. Secretary Clinton outperformed the polls to win this week’s primaries in Puerto Rico, New Jersey, and California with a wicked-good ground game, giving her the delegate numbers she needs to clinch the nomination at the convention (T-minus 7 weeks to go until Philly). But the Democrats are going to have to wait a bit longer for the startling singularity of candidates that Republicans enjoy, because Senator Sanders says he isn’t going anywhere. While some high level Democrats are “nudging” – very kindly we assume – Sen. Sanders to clear the playing field, it’s worth mentioning that Clinton is looking and acting the part of the chosen Democratic nominee. Her national security speech last week in San Diego is being hailed as her best campaign moment to date. She focused on Trump and only Trump, putting forward her affirmative understanding of American greatness in contrast. The pivot to the general that we noted in the Clinton campaign a few weeks back really came home to roost this week. The field might not be clear but she’s operating like it is, and many would say rightly so.