Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutgolu, fresh off a sweeping and somewhat controversial election victory for his and President Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP), is ready to step up his country’s involvement in Syria not only diplomatically but in support of air and land campaigns against ISIL. He called the alleged downing of the Russian passenger jet over the Sinai “an attack against all of us.” Davutgolu stressed the need for Assad to leave power, in an apparent correction of President Erdogan’s previously stated position that Assad be phased out in a transitional period, as some Western leaders have also suggested. The prime minister, in a message directed at European leaders, said “I don’t think any refugees will go back.” The Turkish PM’s words serve as a reminder to his European counterparts that until a comprehensive solution is reached the hundreds of thousands of Syrians fleeing war to Europe will remain in their countries for the foreseeable future. As some previously welcoming countries begin to tighten border controls perhaps more European governments will be motivated to push for the comprehensive resolution the Syrian people so desperately need. The United States should step up as well and advocate very clearly for a comprehensive solution to the conflict.