Earlier this week the FBI released its 2014 Hate Crimes Statistics report. The report suggests that there was an estimated 8 percent drop in total hate crimes committed in 2014, but this statistic is misleading. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), the FBI’s Hate Crimes statistics are a questionable source because of chronic underreporting.  Although the FBI has reported that over the last 20 years between 6,000 and 11,500 total hate crimes are committed in the U.S. each year, BJS studies suggest that number is 25 to 40 times higher.  Most troublingly, the FBI reported an increase in anti-Muslim hate-crime incidents, from 135 to 154 in the last two years. It needs to be reasserted that the figure of 154 anti-Muslim hate crimes is very likely to be significantly less than the actual number of anti-Muslim hate crimes committed in 2014. The report did not include anti-Arab hate crimes as that data collection began only this year.