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The Israeli army is known for its harsh treatment of Palestinians on a daily basis, and we have countless examples of the crimes committed under occupation. But in many cases, Israeli settler violence, an underreported and increasingly frequent phenomenon, goes unnoticed and unreported. Yesterday in Reuters, an article drew some attention to what human rights and advocacy groups like B'Tselem have been saying for some time: the Israeli Army is losing more and more control over heavily-armed settlers in the occupied territories. A number of videos have surfaced recently exposing the disproportionate force and downright brutality used by both members of the IDF and the settlers. In territories where press has restricted movement, it is left up to the Palestinians and international human rights activists to capture what happens in and around Gaza and the West bank on video. Two of the videos below are highlighted by Reuters as examples of “citizen journalism.”

The Reuters article is a recommended read, and an excerpt appears below:

Shaky footage, captured on Saturday from two angles by residents of Aseera al-Qibliya village, shows bearded residents from the nearby settlement of Yitzhar aiming a hand gun and assault rifle at the crowd, followed by sounds of gunfire.

A bloodied youth shot in the face was shown being carried away on the shoulders of fellow villagers. The video was soon posted on the Internet.

Teacher Ibrahim Makhlouf, who filmed the incident, lives by the brush scorched in the clashes on the village's edge, beneath the gaze of the prefabricated suburbs of Yitzhar, which lie outside the official settlement boundary. Continue Reading

 Two of the videos mentioned in the Reuters article appear below.


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