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By Maha Neouchy

During the month of November, the Advisory Council on Arab Affairs, one of eight advisory councils of the Chicago Commission on Human Relations (CCHR), will host its annual Arab Heritage Month in Chicago.

Arab Heritage Month was created to help “eliminate discrimination, bigotry, and racism against people of Arab descent by educating the public about Arab culture, civilization, and contributions to society.” The Advisory Council on Arab Affairs has successfully hosted Arab Heritage Months every year since 1991.

Roxane Assaf, a member of Chicago’s Commission on Human Relations Advisory Council on Arab Affairs, is ecstatic about this year’s Arab Heritage Month. She feels that this event will help Americans turn their “gaze outward to brothers and sisters in the Arab world” where they can “witness with inspiration and awe the intelligent but risky steps they are taking to secure our future as a global society.” Fadwa Hasan, the Chair of the Education Committee for the Advisory Council on Arab Affairs, in coordination with the rest of the Advisory Council, was able to help place Arab Heritage Month on the Chicago Public School’s calendar. Now these schools “look forward to celebrating this month” by promoting a variety of events and activities such as holding assemblies with dances and music from the Arab World, posting bulletin boards with information about the contributions of the Arab World, and organizing field trips and visits to Arabic restaurants, churches, and mosques.

Last year’s Arab Heritage Month kicked off with radio talk show host Ray Hanania, who hosted interviews with a number of Arab Americans, and ended with a Fashion Show put on by the Arab Americans Women’s Association highlighting attire from around the Arab World.

This year will be just as exciting. According to Hanadi Abukhdeir, the Chair of the Advisory Council on Arab Affairs, the 2011 Arab Heritage Month Planning Committee is anticipating networking and cultural heritage events in addition to the celebration of the Arab American Association of Engineers and Architect’s Semi Annual-Grand National Gala.

The 2011 Arab Heritage Month Planning Committee is welcoming event submissions until Saturday, October 29th that will be included in an online calendar at

If interested, please contact Kenneth Gunn at 312-744-1545 or e-mail the 2011 Arab Heritage Month Planning Committee at

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