Kentucky Democrat Linda Belcher (no, not the fictional character from Bob’s Burgers) just won the state’s Special Election to fill the 49th District State Assembly Seat; a position she once lost to former Representative Dan Johnson. This time around, she won it with a whopping 68% of the vote in a district Trump carried with 72% of the vote. This enormous reversal has given political analysts yet another case study to review for clues leading up to the 2018 Midterms. The result didn’t sit well with Belcher’s challenger Rebecca Johnson, who claimed voter fraud was responsible for her loss. This claim of fraud has been refuted by the county’s election clerk, although it’s worth noting that eligible voters were incorrectly purged from Kentucky’s voter rolls by the Republican Secretary of State. A little farther south, we told you when Tennessee Senator Bob Corker announced his retirement after a very public fallout with President Trump. Recently, rumors emerged that he is reconsidering his retirement, and even trying to find his way back into the good graces of Trump and his allies. A reelection bid would set up a showdown between him and presumptive GOP nominee Marsha Blackburn. Alas, the drama ended this week when Corker’s chief of staff confirmed the Senator had changed his mind about changing his mind, meaning he won’t be running again (as of now).