Census Information Centers (CICs) have become an integral part of the U.S. Census Bureau's data dissemination network. The primary focus of a CIC is making census information and data available to underserved communities that may not have access to census data through other means. Started in 1988, the CIC Program is a cooperative venture between the U.S. Census Bureau and national level, community-based organizations and colleges and universities to serve as auxiliary data distribution centers reaching underserved populations. These organizations effectively process and disseminate Census Bureau data to under served population groups in easily understandable formats.

The Census Bureau has designated AAI as its only Census Information Center dedicated to analyzing data on the Arab American community. As such, we offer updated demographics on the Arab American community, custom research requests, and access to Census Bureau data tools and trainings. Follow the links below to learn more about our involvement with the Census Bureau. 

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Accessing Census Data

The Census Bureau has many resources to make their data easy to find and use. From American Factfinder, to My Congressional District, it's easy to learn about the population in your community. Below are a few tools to get you started on your search, for a full list of Data Tools and Apps from the Census Bureau, click here

American FactFinder: AFF is the primary way to access data from the Census Bureau for new researchers and professionals alike; the guided search option leads you step by step to the data that you're looking for.

Census Business Builder: The CBB offers small business owners selected Census Bureau & other statistics to guide their research for opening or expanding their business.

Census ExplorerMake new discoveries about your neighborhood with Census Explorer, the U.S. Census Bureau’s interactive map series.

My Congressional District: Quickly find information and statistics about your congressional district simply through searching your zip code. 

My Tribal AreaGain quick and easy access to selected statistics for the American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) population and publishes specific counts, estimates, and statistics.

Quick Facts: QuickFacts provides frequently requested Census Bureau information at the national, state, county, and city level.

AAI & The Decennial Census 

AAI has been involved in three decennial censuses and works continually with the Census Bureau to advocate on behalf of the Arab American community through the Census Information Center and the Decennial Census Advisory Committee. As a national partner for the 2020 Census, AAI is working to make sure every Arab American is counted. We continue to work on questions of classification of the Arab American community and encourage the Census Bureau to broaden its options pertaining to ancestry. Check back soon for additional resources and materials pertaining to efforts for the 2020 Census. 

Arab American Census Toolkit

AAI's 2020 Census Toolkit is coming soon!

AAI's 2010 Census Toolkit was created to help Arab American community leaders and activists do outreach and encourage participation in the Census. It includes extensive appendices in both English and Arabic and contains useful information about both the 2010 count and ongoing Census issues. We invite you to share this broadly; a print version of the Toolkit is available to download. (40MB PDF)

Census 2010 Arab American Public Service Announcement

AAI launched a Census PSA campaign in February, 2010. The campaign included TV spots, radio spots and print ads in both Arabic and English. The ad campaign was endorsed by 19 organizations representing tens of thousands of Arab Americans across the country. AAI sought to produce a census media campaign that is specific to our community and utilizes trusted Arab American leaders to spread the message about the Census throughout the country. Click here to see all versions of the PSA and the list of endorsing organizations and media partners.

For more information on AAI's Census Information Center, please contact Suher Adi at