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The Arab American Institute (AAI) launched on February 25th a nationwide Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign to promote the 2010 Census 2010 in the Arab American media in advance of Census Day on April 1, 2010.

The PSA campaign includes a 30-second television spot, a 60-second radio spot, and a print ad—each available in Arabic and English. The Ad campaign was endorsed by 19 organizations representing tens of thousands of Arab Americans across the country. to produce a census media campaign that is specific to our community and utilizes trusted Arab American leaders to spread the message about the Census throughout the country. See below for the complete list of PSA endorsers.

The ads project a message from “trusted voices” to Arab Americans about the safety and value of Census, and the importance of mailing back Census forms when they arrive in mid March. Over 20 media outlets, including Bridges TV, Al Meezan newspaper, KPFT Houston, 90.1 FM (Pacifica Station): Arab Voices, and, have already donated space to get out the message in both English and Arabic to their readers, viewers and listeners about the 2010 Census. (Please find all participating media outlets listed at bottom of this page)

The Arab American PSA campaign was produced in cooperation with Allied Media, who provided design and production services free of charge, and is unrelated to the paid media buys sponsored by the U.S. Census Bureau in selected Arabic language media. AAI would like to thank Tony LaHood and AJ Faraj for their services in providing voice overs for the radio and television spots.

View PSAs currently being run:

The Muslim Observer : Volume 12, Issue 8

Alshaab Alaraby : Issue # 123, Vol. 6

Scroll down to view the PSA video and print ads.

If you are interested in having your media outlet run the PSA, please contact Omar Tewfik at: or (202) 429-9210 ext. 31.

Video Public Service Announcements (English version on top)



Print Public Service Announcements
(click on image to download hi-res version)





Special thanks to the following media outlets for their generosity, support and placement of the PSA:

Al Nashra magazine  

Al Meezan Newspaper

Arab Voice (Breek Publishing), Paper 1


Arab Voice Newspaper
Forum and Link newspaper   Assabeel Magazine
Arab Horizon Newspaper   Arab World Newspaper
Akher Khabar Newspaper   Chaldean Detroit Times   The Muslim Observer   MEA TV and Radio )Middle Eastern American
WNWR-AM (1540-AM KHZ) New World Radio   KPFT Houston, 90.1 FM (Pacifica Station): Arab Voices
WCEV-AM (1450-AM KHZ) Islamic and Arab Voice of Chicago Community   Bridges TV
Al Shaab al-Araby   Aramica
Al Akhbar



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