Israeli PM Netanyahu has not been having a regular ol’ week. Internationally, Bibi’s settlement project was handed a notice of condemnation by the European Union’s decision to enact policy explicitly differentiating products made in Israel versus in its settlements. Unable to stop the EU’s settlement shaming policy, Bibi kicked them out of the peace process to stave off additional pressure from the increasingly leader-ly Europeans. The US, having given its somewhat begrudging approval of the EU decision, is also proving to be less malleable to Bibi’s demands when last week the White House said “a big no” to his request for US approval of West Bank settlement growth in exchange for steps towards Palestinian self-rule. Back at home, Bibi is scrambling desperately to keep the Palestinian Authority from stepping on the gas at the United Nations, but at the same time trying to keep the PA in business amidst rumors of looming collapse. Bibi’s new world isn’t what it once was.

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