Candidates speak with the Arab American Community

At last weekend’s National Leadership Conference attendees heard from various presidential candidates.  You already know Gov. O’Malley was there with us and he vigorously addressed anti-Arab bigotry. Governor Kasich and Senator Lindsey Graham both addressed attendees via video. Kasich congratulated the participants on organizing, and Senator Graham asked Arab American voters to not get disheartened, and said “Our diversity is our strength…some things are being said that aren’t in the spirit of who we are as a nation.” Senator Bernie Sanders received the loudest applause after addressing profiling of the Arab American community head on. As Senator Sanders said, “If we want to end institutional racism in this country. And close the loopholes on racial profiling by law enforcement, we must join together to demand change. At a time when the Arab American community is being profiled by law enforcement and targeted by right wing extremists, AAI’s mission of fostering civic engagement is exactly what we need. The brutal murders in Chapel Hill last February, the New York Police Department’s unconstitutional surveillance program, and a young boy’s treatment for bringing a homemade clock to school is forcing America to confront a truth minorities face every day. We strive for a system of justice for all, but we often fall short.”