In this week’s game of who’s-going-to-retire-from-Congress-next, our new winner is Charlie Dent. You probably already heard about House Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision not to seek re-election. Ryan has #noregrets about his time in office, but says he wants to spend more time with his children. Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Charlie Dent had already decided last September not to run for re-election, but he just announced he’ll be resigning in May. After saying that running as a Republican in the Trump era is a “no-win position,” Dent decided he couldn’t hold out eight more months to finish his term. Now, Governor Tom Wolf must set a special election date to replace Dent. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Since the PA Supreme Court redrew the state’s congressional map only earlier this year, the special election to replace Dent will involve the current 15th District. But most of the current 15th District will be absorbed into the new 7th District in the next Congress decided by the November general. What a headache! If the governor decides to hold the special election alongside the general, then someone could run for both the old 15th District and the new 7th District seats on the same day OR different candidates could run for each district, with the special election winner just chillin’ for two months until the current term ends. Governor Wolf has 10 days to decide what to do, so let the countdown to the countdown of the special election and general election and next Congress countdown begin!

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