Following ISIL’s capture of the critical city of Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s Anbar province, and its push into Palmyra in Syria, the Washington echo chamber became flooded with calls for a rethink of the Obama Administration’s efforts to combat the terrorist group. Voices are coming in from all corners to criticize the lack of progress on a coherent or effective strategy. It was no surprise that ISIL dominated the discussion across the Sunday talk shows over the long weekend. While we don’t agree with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on many issues, we can’t help but accept his recent assessment, at least in part. Speaking on CBS’s “Face the Nation” McCain stressed “We need to have a strategy” and further that he would “prefer not to have American ground troops” but a presence on the ground could help pinpoint targets and improve the current campaign of air strikes against ISIL. It is indeed agonizing to watch the continuing march of the terrorist group unhindered by anything but some air strikes. ISIL has for too long brought a level of medieval-era barbarity to the modern era. Every day that ISIL fighters continue their bloody campaign should be a mark of shame on the U.S. and all powers in the world with the capacity to end this ongoing catastrophe.

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