The basic moral compass of the country is again being challenged by the Trump Administration. On our Southern border, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spokesperson admitted that the Department has separated nearly 2,000 minors from their families in just over a month. Media reports suggest these children are held in cages with little protection from high desert summer temperatures. The list of horror stories from this policy choice is too long for this post. Depending on which administration official you hear, the policy is either a regrettable legal requirement, a purposeful policy to deter illegal immigration, or a holdover policy from Obama. All three, however, are false. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Attorney General Jeff Session, and the president have all simply lied about this policy at some point over the past week, culminating in the president issuing an executive order to halt his own policy. But before you applaud the arsonist for putting out his own fire, consider that this new order will do nothing to address the children already separated from their parents, the unlawful detention of asylum seekers, or the horrid conditions and treatment of detainees. In fact, the order allows for the indefinite detention of families.