We were momentarily distracted from Trump's foreign policy deficiencies this morning when Libertarian candidate for President Gary Johnson asked earnestly on live TV, “what is Aleppo”? Continue on with the outrage, mainstream media. But in your outrage, how about we talk about what Aleppo actually is? The extremely limited airtime and inch space devoted to coverage of what is happening in Syria (save a sweet, heartbreaking face once a year) means that the majority of the American people have no clue what Aleppo is, and we need to change that sad fact. The American knowledge gap about "what Aleppo is" means that Syrian refugee resettlement is in jeopardy, and the Obama Administration can give a measly 90 minutes to try to achieve a ceasefire in Aleppo. And when it didn't work out in ninety minutes, the American people don't seem to care. We need to be concerned that people who are way less knowledgeable than Gary Johnson don't know about the U.S.’s involvement across the world, like the month long air campaign the U.S. is waging in Libya. The U.S. is nearing 100 airstrikes and we haven't seen it covered by the media. Gary Johnson's campaign is probably over after this morning's astonishing display of ignorance, but let's hope it marks the beginning of American concern for what Aleppo - and other places deemed hell on earth - is. Being opposed to U.S. foreign meandering is no excuse for being ignorant about the world's suffering.