Gunman James Hodgkinson was killed by a shootout with police, but not before wounding several people during congressional baseball practice, including House majority whip Steve Scalise (R-LA). As of the time we’re writing this, Scalise remains in critical condition, and will need further surgeries soon. The shooter’s politics were left-leaning and he appears to have been politically motivated, as there are reports that he targeted the Republican members of Congress. He also seems to have had a personal life marred with signs of rage, domestic battery, and professional failure. On the same day and on the other side of the country, a UPS employee killed 3 coworkers before shooting himself. Because the status quo of gun violence in this country is not acceptable, there will be a time to debate what might need to change when it comes to guns, mental health-care, and our incendiary political rhetoric. But for now, we want to offer our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families, and wish Congressman Scalise a speedy recovery.