Our third week of reporting on the must-pass budget deal finds the fate of two significant riders in the hands of the House Freedom Caucus. It's pretty fitting that the Freedom Caucus is ending is victorious year with so much power in their hands - remember, this is the Tea Party coalition which  ousted Speaker John Boehner and then played king maker to anoint Speaker Ryan's post to the House's leadership role. Now, the Freedom Caucus is playing hardball to make significant changes to Speaker Ryan's $1.1 trillion budget, and their efforts are working both for and against us. On the one hand, the Freedom Caucus members want to strip out a surveillance rider that was not debated on the floor and lacks privacy protections from Americans. We give them a thumbs up on that move. But on the other hand, the caucus is pushing hard to include the SAFE Act language which would impose untenable security clearances in the refugee resettlement process that would likely bring the program to an abrupt halt. A decidedly bad idea and luckily, one that is increasingly less likely to pass in any form this year.