Get excited, folks! It’s election season, which means it’s time for campaign ads that will inspire us and warm our hearts. But those will be few and far between, so we’ll probably spend more time on the ads that will shock and appall us. And if you think you’re cruising because it’s only February, buckle up, because we just crashed into a dumpster fire called the Jeanne Ives campaign for Illinois governor. Ives released a TV ad featuring a series of caricatures thanking sitting Republican Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner for just a few things: a trans woman using “the girls’ bathroom;” another woman “making all Illinois families pay for [her] abortions;” some liberal guy praising their sanctuary state status for “illegal immigrant criminals.” The ad closes with an African American teacher thanking Rauner for making the state bail out Chicago teacher pensions. When asked if she understood why her ad offended so many people, Ives said she didn’t, adding: “What’s so offensive about the ad? The ad is a policy ad.” Come on Ives, when the orange guy was campaigning, he was at least upfront about his bigotry. So, if you’re going to suggest trans women are just men in dresses, that feminists are serial abortionists, and that Black teachers are leaching off taxpayers, don’t be coy. Your inner bigot is kind of out. Truth be told, the disgusting madness of this ad will be hard to top, but we’re not putting anything past the 2018 election season just yet.