Just when we thought we had heard it all – new long-shot legislation proposed on Capitol Hill leaves us scratching our heads in disbelief. Rep. Rohrabacher introduced a bill that would authorize President Obama to detain Iranian officials until the three American prisoners are released by the Iranian government. Critics of the deal have called for any agreement to be tied to the release of Americans in Iran. The Obama Administration has made it evident that while they are working for the release of the prisoners, they believe the Iran Nuclear Agreement was not the appropriate mechanism to address the issue. We have to give some credit to Rep. Rohrabacher for such a creative idea – it’s not just insane, it’s pretty radical to detain government officials to use as leverage. Rep. Babin of Texas proposed another equally shameful, not-going-anywhere bill that would put an immediate halt to allowing refugees into the United States. The radical bill seeks to “give an opportunity to examine potential national security issues” related to entry and resettlement of refugees. With attention given to the expanded resettlement of Syrian Refugees in the United States, it’s appalling to see such a transparent proposal from our elected officials. It is a stark contrast to the efforts of Senate Democrats who called for an increase in the amount of refugees allowed to resettle in the United States. We believe the latter of the two is more fitting with the “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses” spirit of America.