Shortly after the latest act of mass violence by white supremacists, Fox News host Tucker Carlson went on air to claim that the problem of white supremacy is a hoax, disregarding all evidence of rising hate group membership and rising numbers of hate crimes.  It is perhaps fitting then that this would be the time when the SPLC exposes a white nationalist working as (you’re going to want to sit down for this…) a foreign service officer at the State Department. That’s right: white nationalists have literally infiltrated the State Department (you can’t dispute this case as you might with the White House occupant), and Carlson still can’t tell that white supremacy is a problem. Lucky for us, the State Department had the common sense to suspend this employee. And lucky for Fox News, they have an anchor named Shepard Smith who has the courage to call out bul… to call out nonsense (we almost slipped there) when he sees it: “White nationalism is without question a serious problem in America,” said Smith. And, boy, have standards dropped when Fox News simply acknowledging a real problem in America becomes something worth highlighting.