A unicorn, an intelligent alien on Mars, and a Democratic US Senator in Alabama -- Can you guess which of these three is real? Nope, you guessed wrong, it’s actually the Democratic Senator from Alabama. But believe it or not, the story isn’t about Alabama electing a Democratic senator for the first time in 25 years, but about the fact that bigotry was dealt yet another blow on Tuesday, when accused sexual predator and proven raging bigot Roy Moore lost the election, despite an endorsement from Donald Trump himself. But unlike the November victories for diversity and inclusion, the loser in this case is having a hard time letting go. Was that too cryptic? Let’s rephrase: Roy Moore refuses to concede the race, and has backed that refusal up with a apocalyptic rambling about America’s future (don’t worry, Moore, we’ll manage without you in the Senate). Republican and Democratic candidates would do well to pay attention to this emerging trend in US politics.