Well, folks, it went down this week, with 12 candidates on stage, and it was epic. Unlike previous debates, they saved the “centrists vs progressives” health care fight until a little later in the debate, and kicked off the night with the Trump impeachment, which they pretty much all favored (though Tulsi Gabbard threw cold water on it, cautioning that it would further divide the country). For a change, foreign policy was a factor in this debate, with the Trump-facilitated Turkish assault on the Kurds in Syria prominently highlighted. And, once again, Gabbard broke with the stage’s condemnation of Trump, insisting that the blame lays with “both parties who have supported this ONGOING [emphasis added] regime change war in Syria.” Um, excuse us, Ms. Gabbard, we totally appreciate your opposition to regime-change wars (we’re 100% with you on that), but have you checked the calendar lately? It’s 2019. Our government’s efforts to topple the Assad regime ended years ago. See, now, Turkey was (is) bombing the Kurds who are not Assad (not a single one of them is), and Trump moved the troops out of Kurdish areas NOT “because regime change.” Time for updated talking points. Another interesting thing happened at the debate: Klobuchar and Buttigieg were primarily taking aim not at Biden or Sanders, they were going after Warren like she was the likely future nominee. Do they know something we don’t?