Did you watch last night’s debate? Finally, the field of debate-qualified candidates was small enough for all the front runners to appear on stage together, but big enough to ensure there was chaos on stage and no time to tackle half the critical policy issues we need to discuss. The debate started with another round of the “moderates vs. progressives” health care argument (who saw this coming? Put your hand down, we all did), followed by a debate on gun violence. Beto didn’t shy away from saying he wants to take your guns away (not all of them, just the big ones that are made to kill a lot of people). Julian Castro took a jab at Biden’s brain (ignore the boxing imagery, it was strictly verbal), accusing him of forgetting what he said 2-minutes ago. The jab played extremely well with the crowd, but for those paying close attention, the charge doesn’t actually check out. Buttigieg attempted to score a point against his debate opponents by accusing them of making the debates “unwatchable” with (ironically?) all their point-scoring efforts. Elizabeth Warren took on endless war, saying we should stop trying to find military solutions to problems that can’t be solved militarily, and Bernie Sanders hammered wealth inequality while deeming Trump the most dangerous president in history. What wasn’t mentioned in the debate? Anything about surveillance. Or Yemen. Or Russia. Even crazier, nothing on the recent HUGE announcement that Israel intends to annex huge parts of the West Bank with the support of the Trump administration. Neither the candidates nor the moderators saw fit to mention this, but Countdown has you covered.