Posted on May 26, 2012 in Campaign Statements

"In Afghanistan, President Obama laid out a clear strategy. Our commanders refocused and redoubled their efforts on disrupting, dismantling and ultimately destroying -- defeating al Qaeda, reversing the Taliban’s momentum and training the Afghan Security Forces to prevent extremists from gaining ground. Since then, you have taken out more than half of al Qaeda’s senior leadership.

And in a mission that will go down in the annals of intelligence and special operations, some of America’s most gifted security professionals tracked down Osama bin Laden -- after the trail had gone cold. And in one of the most incredibly daring raids, they delivered justice to the architect of a harmful ideology -- a hateful ideology with no place in the modern world and the man responsible for the deaths of almost 3,000 innocents on our soil. They got him.

And in the process, those warriors sent a message to the world that if you harm America, we will follow you to the end of the Earth."

- Joseph Biden, Vice President


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