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The following is a list of recommended resources for those researching Middle East and Arab affairs. Included are a number of newspapers and media outlets, organizations, blogs and literary resources for your reference. Many of these resources were cited in Jim Zogby's latest book, Arab Voices.

Newspapers and Media



Online newspapers and media resources:

A list of important and useful media resources with information, updates and analysis on current events in the Arab world. Also included are suggested foreign policy blogs and magazines:

The Daily Star (Lebanon)
One of the best news sources from Lebanon.

The Jordan Times (Jordan)
An important outlet to monitor for developments in Jordan and for Palestinian affairs.

Al-Ahram Weekly (Egypt)
One of the most widely circulated papers in the Arab world. Contains news and commentary on Egyptian, African and international affairs.

Ammon News (Regional)
An interactive news site in both English and Arabic, covering the Middle East region. AmmonNews also carries Jim Zogby’s weekly column, “Washington Watch.”

The National (UAE)
A relatively new online news site on Gulf affairs and domestic UAE issues.

GulfNews (UAE)
Most widely circulated English language daily in the UAE.

GulfDaily News (Bahrain)
Bahrain's daily English language newspaper.

Arab News (Saudi Arabia)
News and commentary from the kingdom.

AL Hayat (London) http://www.daralhayat.comjmorenewsjenglish
One of the largest pan-Arab dailies. Their English site contains commentary from the Arabic parent paper.

Asharq al Awsat (London) http://www.aawsat.comjenglish
English-language website with reports and commentary from a major pan-Arab, Arabic-language daily.

Al]azeera (Qatar)
The English-language news site of the Qatar-based satellite television network. Provides coverage of Arab and international news.

Haaretz (Israel)
Important news source on Israeli affairs from a liberal Israeli perspective. Includes opinion pieces translated from Hebrew.

Foreign Policy magazine, The Middle East Channel (
Most especially the blogs posted regularly on the site by Stephen Walt and Mark Lynch.

Informed Comment (
One of the smartest and edgiest daily blogs covering a range of Middle East policy issues.


A comprehensive list of political advocacy and foreign affairs organizations.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (
Founded in 1980, ADC is the nation’s premier Arab American civil rights organization. Their website features up-to-date details on policies that affect Arab Americans. ADC is a national organization with chapters across the United States.

J Street (
The newest of the pro-peace, pro-Israel lobbies. In a short time, J Street has pojected an alternative American Jewish voice representing a pro-peace perspective in Washington.

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (
A smart and forward-looking advocacy organization bringing Muslim American voices into the U.S. policy debate.

Americans for Peace Now (
An American Jewish organization supporting the efforts of Peace Now in Israel. The best source on Israeli settlement policies and on U.S. congressional efforts on Middle East issues.

Churches for Middle East Peace (
A coalition of U.S. mainstream Christian churches supporting peace in the Middle East and Christians in the Holy Land.

Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (
An organization committed to the well-being of Christians in the Holy Land. They institute programs to build solidarity between their organization and Christians elsewhere.

International Crisis Group (
Produces the most definitive background resource material on critical issues worldwide.

Council on Foreign Relations (
Considered one of the most influential foreign policy think tanks in the nation.





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