Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu’s biggest achievement so far has been to shut down the possibility of a just and lasting peace with the Palestinians, but he’s feeling ambitious so there are a few more things he’d like to shut down. He wants to shut down the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) because it supposedly “perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem”. Bibi, you’re so humble, but we won’t let you run away from your achievements: It’s actually you and your government’s policies that are preventing Palestinian refugees from going home, don’t give that credit away! Netanyahu is also considering shutting down the local Al Jazeera office, probably because too much press freedom is bad for Bibi’s policies. He also wants to shut down foreign donations to NGOs in Israel, in a move seemingly targeting international support for human rights organizations in the country. And perhaps worst of all, Bibi has slashed Gaza’s electricity down to 2-3 hours per day for millions of Palestinians (though on that one, he seems to have help from the PA), leading Amnesty International to warn of a “looming humanitarian catastrophe”, to say nothing of the real possibility of renewed violence over Gaza’s suffocation. Will the US ever get the political will to shut down Bibi’s agenda for the sake of peace and stability?