The luck of Bibi Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving (and most obnoxious) prime minister, seems to be running out, as his corruption scandal is now compounded with a narrow electoral defeat to the Blue and White party. This puts Benny Gantz in a better position to be the next Prime Minister, but things aren’t fully settled yet because it all depends on which parties come together to form a ruling coalition. So is Israeli-Palestinian peace any closer now? If you’re trying to control your laughter (or tears), congrats! You’re an informed observer on this issue. If you’re confused, here comes the disappointment: When Netanyahu promised to annex the Jordan Valley, Blue and White said this was their idea first. When Netanyahu unleashed a limited bombing of Gaza, Gantz said he would bomb Gaza more aggressively. In short, the policy of siege, occupation, and apartheid will likely remain the same (for shame), regardless of who becomes Prime Minister.