The Trump administration’s insistence on taking the worst course of action possible on nearly every issue is creating a bit outrage fatigue for us (you may be feeling it too), so bear with us as we share more disturbing news: Myanmar’s atrocities against the Rohingya Muslims have now reached a point where the UN has called them “ethnic cleansing”, but the Trump admin’s response to it was Charlottesvillian, dispersing responsibility for the violence by not calling out the culprits. Elsewhere, Obama’s “Iran Deal” is working, and the UN nuclear watchdog is confirming that Iran is abiding by the agreement. But Trump’s UN ambassador signaled the administration is flirting with the strange idea of declaring Iran in violation of the agreement, and kicking the ball then to Congress to decide if the Iran Deal should remain in place. So we might undo a nuclear agreement that actually succeeded in making the world safer just because… Because we don’t have enough problems in the world? Can you imagine the message we’d be sending North Korea if we arbitrarily destroyed a successful deal that blocks a pathway for Iran to develop nuclear weapons? We get this president’s inclination towards chaos, but do we really have to spread it to every corner of the earth?