Posted by on April 25, 2011 in Blog

Today Mississippi Governor, Haley Barbour announced that he will not seek the GOP presidential nomination. Gov. Barbour's announcement came as a surprise to most as in late January he said that he was "seriously thinking" about a presidential run. He shortly thereafter began traveling and also hired new staff. As he said he would, however, Barbour waited until the end of April to make his ultimate decision, and now as a result heads are turning towards Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. Gov, Daniels, a close friend of Barbour's, has also garnered a fair amount of media attention and speculation around a potential presidential bid. With word coming that Barbour is out, many are referencing a rumor of an apparent gentleman's agreement between Daniels and Barbour stipulating one would not run if the other does.

Now that Barbour is out, pundits and reporters are wondering whether Daniels will indeed run for the GOP bid and he recently told the Washington Post that, “It’s time to cut bait,” suggesting that a decision should be forthcoming soon. Does Barbour's announcement mean that Daniels is more likely to run? We don't know, but will definitely keep a close eye on this one.