A quick scan of Israeli newspapers make it very clear: Now that the Iran deal has been won, or lost - depending, Palestinians have once again become problem #1 for Israel.  Speculation of a “third intifada” has been nearly constant since the second intifada petered out, but this time around it is becoming more a declarative statement rather than a question. Having tried and failed to make a splash at the United Nations General Assembly a week ago, PA President Mahmoud Abbas is no longer at the helm of the Oslo principles, and is definitely no longer at the helm of the Palestinian street (if he ever was). A sharp rise in terror attacks targeting Israeli civilians in Jerusalem—a tactic that became pretty infrequent following the second intifada in 2005—is stoking fears and flames in Israel’s general populace. It seems as though Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t waiting for the verdict on whether this is or is not the beginning of a new uprising; in a Facebook post (a traditional theater for warcraft) Bibi declared, "We are in an all-out war against terrorism and we will wage it aggressively.” Many speculate that Israel’s escalation of the situation on the ground (closing the Haram ash Sharif, permitting sniper fire on stone throwers, increasingly large presence of IDF soldiers at checkpoints) is creating a self-justified pretext for a massive takeover of Palestinian areas in the West Bank. Lack of progress in any sort of peace negotiations has been become routine and outbreaks of violence, regrettably, appear to be the only thing to bring the Palestinian issue back into the headlines.