At our National Leadership Conference we devoted an entire day to focus on the refugee crisis and what the United States and the Arab American community can do to help. The crisis is of vital importance and to quote Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley "what to do about the root cause of this humanitarian crisis may be complex, but helping refugees is not." As evidenced above that complexity isn't fully appreciated by all following this conflict. It is clear though that the U.S. should lead in helping to address the catastrophic human toll. U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), who has been one of the strongest voices on the Hill on this issue, submitted a video message to the conference in which he highlighted the impact the "the humanitarian crisis of our time" is having on children forced to be out of school, and pushing countries in the Middle East that are accepting refugees to "the breaking point." We were proud to have 15 national, international, and organizations cosponsoring our programming on the refugee crisis. On our second panel Jen Smyers of Church World Service stressed the need for advocates to not only ask for increased numbers in terms of resources and refugees accepted but to ensure that increased numbers of refugees are actually resettled in our country: "already there are 20,000 people who UNHCR has already referred to the United States, the United States just needs to go through the processing." Look for a report of the tangible things we must do shortly.