This week President Trump made a bit of a mess out of a procedurally standard practice of replacing U.S. Attorney across the country. Yes, new Presidents – particularly new Presidents who are taking over from the opposing party – replace U.S. Attorneys. What is not normal is the way it was handled (particularly in one case) and that there are no replacements lined up. We’re actually surprised this is making such big news, because seriously – when else have U.S. Attorneys gotten so much attention? We’re glad that there is a growing awareness about the importance of U.S. attorneys in our country, because the 93 U.S. Attorney’s might just be the most accessible officials of the Trump Administration who average citizens in any state can directly engage. We’ve been calling for that engagement ever since Trump was inaugurated. While there is reason to be pessimistic about President Trump’s approach to judicial postings, we also have a massive opportunity to educate 43 new U.S. Attorneys in addition to the 47 that will remain in their posts. And we’re asking you to help. These Attorneys need to hear from Arab Americans about our community and the issues we care about. We suggest you start engagement with demanding stronger hate crime laws and more aggressive prosecution because of the huge role U.S. Attorneys play on those issues, but you can also raise whatever issue you like. Just call them. Here’s how.