Things were interesting at the UN General Assembly this week, weren’t they? You were probably too busy collecting your jaw off the floor over Trump’s threats to annihilate ‘Rocket Man’ and his entire nation to notice another audacious speech: That of Bibi Netanyahu. Bibi complained about the anti-Semitism of those “denying Israel’s right to exist,” which is rich coming from someone who isn’t just denying Palestine’s right to exist, or even obstructing it, but is actively destroying it. And while the world certifies Iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal preventing it from developing nukes, Bibi insists the deal must be changed or abandoned altogether and wants to see Iran further punished, which is quite something coming from the leader of a country in possession of hundreds of undeclared nukes. He then bragged about an Arab child whose life was saved in an Israeli hospital, and condemned Iran for the killing of a protester in 2009, which of course are respectively a praiseworthy and condemnable events, but coming from a guy who launches and defends assaults on Palestinian civilians that kill hundreds of children? “Audacity” doesn’t quite do justice to Bibi’s demagoguery. This is what you’d call “chutzpah” in Hebrew, and ‘waqaaha’ in Arabic.