Posted on January 04, 2012 in Reports

An In-Depth Look at Social and Political Concerns of Arabs

Arabs are looking more inward today, focusing on issues close to home and self-identifying more with their countries. And despite concerns with employment, most Arabs are quite optimistic about their future. These are some of the results of a new Zogby International poll conducted in the last half of October 2005. Commissioned by Young Arab Leaders, a Dubai based group, but supported, as well, by the Arab American Institute, the poll surveyed 3,900 Arabs from Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, and Jordan.

The results demonstrate some real changes taking place in Arab opinion. For example, when asked what were the most important issues facing the region, the responses in rank order of importance were: expanding employment opportunities, improving health care, combating corruption and nepotism, improving the educational system and fighting extremism and terrorism. The most notable change here was with regard to the importance given to “resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.” In our 2002 poll, given the brutal repression of Palestinians that was gripping Arab public opinion, this issue ranked second in importance. Today, it is number seven.

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