Here at AAI, we’ve always had this strange idea that we can stand in solidarity with all religious communities facing persecution or demonization. But a divisive effort is underway to pit religious communities against each other, and it’s closer to home than you think! Familiar with the Clarion Project? That’s the hate group responsible for several films fomenting anti-Muslim sentiment, at least one of which was called “wacky” and “objectionable” by the New York Police Department, and “Hate-filled” and “dangerous” by the New York Times. Well, they’re still at it, but they’ve gotten a little smarter. Their latest film ‘Faithkeepers,’ unlike their previous, more overtly bigoted ones, purports to address the absolutely legitimate fears of Christian communities in the Middle East, who face an alarming increase in violence and intimidation at the hands of extremists (which we’ve consistently spoken out about). But subtle and insidious messaging throughout the film clearly aims to demonize Muslims as inherently violent and intolerant. To explain what’s wrong with the film to audiences less familiar with the Clarion Project’s hate-filled agenda, we made this video on YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter. Feel free to share it with anyone who has seen or is considering seeing the film, and visit us here for more resources.